Our single-topic summits have covered everything from Design to Marketing to Growing Your Business and Client Experience, and with our recent SALES Edition in March 2024, we celebrated our 10th event! 

We've been fortunate to have over 200+ speakers, educators, brands, sponsors, associations and others join us for our first three years of successful summits. Partners like WeddingPro (the educational arm of The Knot + WeddingWire), Showit Websites, WeddingMBA and more have made us the premier online educational experience for wedding professionals. 

Over the last three years, more than 15,000 wedding professionals from over 20 countries have benefited from the Wedding Summit Series - an online summit for wedding pros..

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We pack so much education into our events, covering nearly every facet of owning and operating a wedding business. Over the years, we’ve delved into topics ranging from sales strategies, tactics for growing your business, money and tax issues, client experience, marketing & advertising, and so much more.

In a world overflowing with online information and countless educators competing for your attention, it’s challenging to discern who is credible, who resonates with your style, and what specific education you truly need. 

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you—our events meticulously curate and vet the top wedding educators and the most valuable resources, showcasing the best options available. With the Wedding Summit Series, you’ll find the top-notch education you need, all in one place.

With over 300+ hours of expert-led content, we know it can be daunting to navigate, or even know where to start.

Let us cut through the noise and guide you to the essential insights and expertise that matter most.

2-3 Engaging Panel Discussions Offering Diverse Perspectives

A Collection of Essential Resources: Templates, Videos, Toolkits, and More

7-8 Expert-Led Trainings from Respected + Trusted Educators

Each bundle includes:

We’ve transformed all the invaluable content from our ten events into concise, easy-to-digest bundles, allowing you to zero in on what your business needs most right now. These topics weren’t chosen by us alone; they were shaped by insights from over 400 wedding professionals who shared their needs in our March 2024 survey. You spoke, and we listened, creating the perfect resources to help you succeed.

Invest in your professional growth with our targeted bundles— or you can also purchase as a thoughtful gift to introduce a fellow business owner to our vibrant community and wealth of knowledge. 

streamlined wedding education


Bundles are just $19 each for either you or a friend

How to overhaul their Instagram Profile to maximize reach and speak to the right couples

How to expand your social following with organic strategies and save money

How to not miss out on powerful but often overlooked social medias LinkedIn + YouTube

How to gain confidence in front of the camera for the video-heavy social landscape 

How to grow your business with video content such as reels, Tiktok videos and more

How to prime prospective couples on social media to lay the work for closing the sale

How to ensure profitability in your pricing so your business grows with each booking

How to craft compelling proposals that make couples eager to work with you

How to add services that couples truly want, ensuring you get paid for all your efforts

The best package types for all vendor categories, ensuring your get paid for all your efforts

How to change your mindset and appropriately price for the luxury market

How to convert client pain points into valuable upsells, enhancing your profits 

Bundle FOR the pro who WANTs TO LEARN:

Bundle FOR the pro who WANTs TO LEARN:

Transform your social media presence with insights on TikTok, Instagram, Reels, video content, LinkedIn, and more.

Everything a wedding pro needs for pricing success: designing service packages, determining rates, and driving profitability.

Grab the social bundle 
for yourself

Grab the pricing bundle 
for yourself

Gift the social bundle
to a friend

Gift the pricing bundle
to a friend

How to get on (and stay on) a venue's preferred list to gain steady bookings + income

How to make the most of your time with email efficiency and time-tracking tools

How to get and use client reviews for the social proof a new wedding business needs

How to ensure your financial basics like spending, cash flow, payroll, etc are solid.

How strong contracts and legal footing can make or break your new business

Networking tips and how to connect with vendors and venues in your market

How to show up higher on Google with wedding-industry specific SEO stratgies

How to transform your blog into a wedding booking machine without posting all the time

How to repurpose your content to fill your marketing calendar

How to craft a message that matches your brand persona 

How to write compelling copy using social proof, FAQ's that sell, and more

How to use graphic and blog templates to get your content made and distributed faster

Bundle FOR the new pro who needs TO LEARN:

Bundle FOR the pro who WANTs TO LEARN:

Kickstart your career in the wedding industry with business + legal basics, industry insights and client- based service fundamentals

Create engaging content for your ideal couples more easily and quickly, with powerful SEO and strategic insights

Grab the new pro bundle 
for yourself

Grab the content bundle 
for yourself

Gift the new pro bundle
to a friend

Gift the content bundle
to a friend

Affirmations, Meditations, Journal prompts and more to keep you on the journey of self-care

Tips to manage stress on wedding day, when you need it most

How to gain confidence with intuition, posture, personal growth and more

How to use a virtual assistant to free you up for CEO work + reclaim your time

Practical skills towards the elusive work/life balance for a small business owner

How to setting and enforce boundaries with clients so they will respect your time + processes

Bundle FOR the pro who wants TO LEARN:

Prioritize your mental health and wellness journey with essential tools to manage stress, maintain boundaries, and foster work-life balance

Grab the self-care bundle 
for yourself

Gift the self-care bundle
to a friend

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- Kate Hall, Wedding Planner 

No matter if you are a seasoned pro or just starting out! The summit gave me clear and specific steps I can take to be better both client facing and fellow vendor facing. Attendees and speakers were all very active in the FB group answering questions and networking. There is so much to learn that you`ll want to grab the all access pass which allows you to go through everything at your own pace. Overall a great experience!

The Wedding Summit Series is an absolute must for wedding professionals!

the reviews

I’m the founder + host of the Wedding Summit Series, and the creator of the 'Styled Shoot Success' course and 'The Only Option' VIP Day for wedding pros. 
Over a decade ago, just four years after starting my planning company, Harmony Creative Studio, I was suddenly diagnosed with Stage IV Breast Cancer and was forced to take a step back from my business. It was just a preview of what everyone would experience with the pandemic. 
In the fall of 2020 it became clear to me that we needed a new way to connect. I had always loved the summit model, and I knew every wedding pro out there could benefit from truly accessible online education.
So , the Wedding Summit Series - the premier online summit for wedding professionals - was born. For each summit, we tackle a new topic of education within the wedding industry - and find the best partners to help us do it.

i’m margaux. summit host, wedding planner + industry educator 

Hi there!


frequently asked

Likely, yes. If you are a fan of the summit and have attended many of them you will likely already have most if not all of the content that is in the bundles.
But...we didn't really make them for those amazing fans of the summits. We made them for people who maybe have only found the summit in the last year or so, or who are brand new to our community. Because for each summit (and therefore each All-Access Pass) there are usually over 20+ presentations and 6+ live sessions, leaving roughly 30 hours of content. That's a lot to go through, when it may or may not be what you are looking for in 2024. So, we took your top requested topics in 2024 and made these streamlined bundles to give people what they need now, and they also act as an introduction to the amazing educational content each summit has to offer. 
That is, we hope to make NEW fans with these bundles!

  • 10 Educational Presentations+ Panel Discussions 
  • Worksheets + Transcripts for each presentation
  • Bonus Resources + Exclusive Discounts

It varies a little, but they were designed to be able to get through in one weekend. Out of the 10 presentations, likely 6 will be very useful to where you currently are in your business and our estimate is that it should take 4-6 hours to get through that content. 

You're exactly right - the $19 pricepoint is almost too good to be true. Almost. 
We want people to have some skin in the game - and people only value what they pay for, so we can't make it free. 
But - the whole point is to make them easy to purchase because we want you to benefit from the amazing education - and for you to see what the summit content is like so you'll join our community and attend future summits. 
This is education and resources that have been vetted over countless hours by summit host Margaux Fraise. She often works with speakers to come up with new training topics or to put spins on their focus to make it new and fresh. Outside of purchasing the courses and coaching of these educators, this is where they give you the good stuff.

- Stephanie Ming, Up In lights Marquees 

It also so entertaining and enjoyable. After each class I felt like I had met a new friend and he had just shared all of his business how to secrets!!!

The wedding Summit was SUPER helpful to grow my small business 

- Hillary Catherine 

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she transformed my business and helped me book 4 new clients in a week!

the reviews

Well in that case, let's see those bundles again!

No worries at all! This content is lifetime access, so you can go through the bundles whenever you want, and take your time! 

This sounds amazing but I just don't have the time right now. 

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